Sunday 28 April 2019

VPHA status update 28.4.2019 - poster abstracts accepted + Zenodo sharing?

The email below was sent to 78 VPHA contributors and 69 prospective contributors.  

From: Puurunen Riikka < >
Sent: sunnuntai 28. huhtikuuta 2019 10.44
Subject: VPHA status update April 2019 - poster abstracts accepted + Zenodo sharing?

Dear VPHA contributors and prospective contributions,

Since the previous general VPHA status update on January 17, we submitted two abstracts for posters at coming conferences - 1st abstract to EuroCVD-BalticALD in June in Luxembourg and 2nd abstract to ALD 2019 in Bellevue, Washington in July. It is my pleasure to inform you with this email that both abstracts have been accepted for presentation.

We will start to prepare the posters likely in May - expect more communication on this later. The purpose is to continue building on the ALD doctoral thesis list so that it will be as complete as possible (up to the end of 2018) when the posters are made, and at the same time it will allow conference participants to view it and notice missing items and help us make it still more complete for the review article which is being planned.

Related to the two abstracts and as well longer-plan archiving of VPHA, we propose to share the abstracts publicly already.