Saturday 8 April 2017

Millennium Prize 2018 nominations now open - DL July 31

If you would like to join me to nominate Suntola for the Millennium Technology Prize, please contact - instructions at the end of the post. 

The nomination period for 2018 Millennium Technology Prize, given by Technology Academy of Finland, has opened on April 3, 2017. The Call for nominations can be found here: Everyone can nominate candidates.

The nomination instructions, as copied from the page are:

  • The nomination should include a Nomination Letter with a concise description of the cited innovation and the underlying technology, an assessment of the present and future impact of the innovation, as well as identification of the role of each nominee in the innovation process.
  • A concise separate CV must be supplied for each nominee.
  • All nomination material must be presented in English.
  • Please note that self-nomination is not allowed.

The general principles of the Millennium Technology Prize, as copied from the page, are:
  • Awarded to groundbreaking technological innovations that enhance the quality of people’s lives in a sustainable manner.
  • The innovations have been applied in practice and are delivering extensive change now and in the future.
  • The innovations stimulate further cutting edge research and development in science and technology.
I think that atomic layer deposition (ALD) easily fulfills all the listed general principles.