Monday 19 December 2016

VPHA status update 19.12.2016

The email below was sent to 76 VPHA co-authors and 40 prospective co-authors. 

From: Puurunen Riikka
Sent: 19. joulukuuta 2016 9:23
To: info@
Cc: Puurunen Riikka; Sundqvist Jonas
Subject: VPHA status update 19.12.2016

Dear VPHA co-authors and prospective co-authors,

With this general status update, I would like to inform you of the publication of the VPHA review article in JVSTA and update on other recent progress. The previous update was sent on October 30, 2016. Please read more below on the following topics:

1. VPHA JVSTA review published
2. VPHA reading status
3. VPHA's lists on reviews, conferences and theses to be completed
4. Translation of some Molecular Layering papers?
5. Other posts in the ALD History Blog

Wishing everyone happy holidays and the best of luck for the coming year,
Riikka Puurunen, VPHA coordinator

Saturday 17 December 2016

VPHA JVSTA article on the history of ALD published with Open Access

It is my pleasure to inform that VPHA's article on the recommended reading list of early ALD publications has been published online in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (JVSTA), in the special ALD issue of January 2017.

  • Title: Recommended reading list of early publications on atomic layer deposition—Outcome of the “Virtual Project on the History of ALD”
  • Authors (62 in total, alphabetical order): Esko Ahvenniemi, Andrew R. Akbashev, Saima Ali, Mikhael Bechelany, Maria Berdova, Stefan Boyadjiev, David C. Cameron, Rong Chen, Mikhail Chubarov, Veronique Cremers, Anjana Devi, Viktor Drozd, Liliya Elnikova, Gloria Gottardi, Kestutis Grigoras, Dennis M. Hausmann, Cheol Seong Hwang, Shih-Hui Jen, Tanja Kallio, Jaana Kanervo, Ivan Khmelnitskiy, Do Han Kim, Lev Klibanov, Yury Koshtyal, A. Outi I. Krause, Jakob Kuhs, Irina Kärkkänen, Marja-Leena Kääriäinen, Tommi Kääriäinen, Luca Lamagna, Adam A. Łapicki, Markku Leskelä, Harri Lipsanen, Jussi Lyytinen, Anatoly Malkov, Anatoly Malygin, Abdelkader Mennad, Christian Militzer, Jyrki Molarius, Małgorzata Norek, Çağla Özgit-Akgün, Mikhail Panov, Henrik Pedersen, Fabien Piallat, Georgi Popov, Riikka L. Puurunen, Geert Rampelberg, Robin H. A. Ras, Erwan Rauwel, Fred Roozeboom, Timo Sajavaara, Hossein Salami, Hele Savin, Nathanaelle Schneider, Thomas E. Seidel, Jonas Sundqvist, Dmitry B. Suyatin, Tobias Törndahl, J. Ruud van Ommen, Claudia Wiemer, Oili M. E. Ylivaara, Oksana Yurkevich
  • Citation: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 35 (2017) 010801 (13 pages). 
  • Link:

The main content of the article is the recommended reading list of 22 early ALD publications, created through open voting among the VPHA participants. For each publication, the reference list contains the full author list and the title in English, translated from the original language when necessary. The usual practice of JVSTA would have been to shorten the author list to "et al." from a certain number of author and NOT include the titles; we are grateful for the JVSTA editors for making exceptions and allowing us to expand the article for a complete historical record (you can find our article correspondence here). The article's Introduction contains a description of how VPHA started and notations on some ALD history activities preceeding it.

Hopefully, this article will stimulate people to read some of the original early ALD publications. VPHA is still open for new volunteers to join and to share comments on early ALD publications in the ALD-history-evolving-file--- >300 did not make it to the shortlist of the article. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us through  info@ (delete the space).

Many people have helped VPHA to progress in some way. While we have tried to declare all major contributions in the (longish) Acknowledgement, in addition to those mentioned, numerous people have helped VPHA to progress in various ways. We are grateful for everyone's help, big and small, in the past and in the future: all of it matters.

The article is published with Open Access (license: CC BY 4.0) and can be freely used e.g. for teaching.  The abstract and acknowledgements from the article are copied below for easy reference.

Thursday 8 December 2016

VPHA correspondence: JVSTA article: 2nd proofs

The email below was sent to 76 VPHA contributors. 

From: Puurunen Riikka
Sent: 8. joulukuuta 2016 21:54
To: info@
Cc: Puurunen Riikka; Sundqvist Jonas
Subject: VPHA JVSTA article: 2nd proofs

Dear VPHA contributors,

I am happy to tell that upon request, I have received 2nd proofs from AIP of the VPHA JVSTA article. The proofs are sent attached for everyone’s attention. Please note that further new changes are not possible; this is just to double-check that the previous corrections are all made correctly.

Saturday 3 December 2016

VPHA correspondence: JVSTA article proofs returned

 The email below was sent to 76 VPHA contributors.
From: Puurunen Riikka
Sent: 3. joulukuuta 2016 22:20
To: info@
Cc: Jonas Sundqvist; Puurunen Riikka
Subject: JVSTA VPHA article proofs returned Dec 3
Dear VPHA contributors,
I have just returned the proofs of the VPHA JVSTA article, please find a copy of the submitted file attached. I think that all issues were solved, except for the request to find many DOIs – these probably don’t exist for the publications in question. Thank you for all who helped with the changes.

Friday 2 December 2016

VPHA correspondence: JVSTA article proofs corrections

 The email below was sent to 76 recipients.
From: Puurunen Riikka
Sent: 2. joulukuuta 2016 13:46
To: info@
Cc: Puurunen Riikka; Sundqvist Jonas
Subject: JVSTA VPHA article proofs corrections - pls respond ASAP (DL Sat 18:00 TUC + 2h)
Importance: High
Dear VPHA contributors,
I am happy to tell you that we are so far that we have received the proofs of the JVSTA article have arrived. Please find attached the proofs as well as the instructions received by AIP for correcting the proofs and the copyedited manuscript. 
Some notes of major progress which has occurred since the submitted version:
  • The editorial staff has placed our manuscript in the category of “review articles”. (We have let the journal decide what is the correct category of the article, see the Cover Letter here.)
  • The titles of the cited articles are included in English, as we have requested (translated by the VPHA group, when necessary).  
  • The article will be published with Open Access (Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licence).