Tuesday 5 January 2016

VPHA abstract to ALD 2016 Ireland - DL Feb 7

The webpage of ALD 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, July 24-27, http://ald2016.com/ has been updated and abstract submission is open.

From VPHA, there will be one abstract to ALD 2016 (Item #9 in the Publication Plan). The contents of the presentation will be a summary of the historical ALD papers and a recommended reading list, created together by the VPHA group, based on the contents of the ALD-history-evolving-file. All those will be listed as authors of the presentation, who have participated in the voluntary VPHA reading and left at least one comment in the ALD-history-evolving-file by the time of sending the abstract. We have at the moment 41 co-authors from 12 countries (Poland joined recently).

The deadline of ALD 2016 is February 14. The VPHA internal deadline should be somewhat earlier; let us make this one week. If you'd like to join the VPHA abstract as an author, please make your first comment in the ALD-history-evolving-file no later than on February 7, 2016. People can of course join the voluntary VPHA reading later than this, too, only then their name will not appear in the ALD 2016 abstract.

Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA) - in atmosphere of Openness, Respect, and Trust

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