Saturday 9 January 2016

Historical ALD publications with more than three VPHA comments

Continuing on the previous post, here is finally a list of historical ALD publications which have (according to the current bookkeeping) received more comments in VPHA reading than the target number of three. This list contains ten (10) publications at the moment.

I would not yet call this a recommended reading list yet for the history of ALD, as the work is still very much on-going --- about 40% of the effort is now done. It does seem obvious, however, that in the end of VPHA the most interesting/important (and maybe also at the same time accessible) articles will have received more comments than average and that one kind of recommendation for "early ALD history reading" can ben created merely on the basis of the number of comments given for each publication.

Lists for zero, one, two and three comments are:

You find a link to the VPHA-reading-overview-file and to the other working files of VPHA in

{Aleskovskii1965} ruSome characteristics of molecular layering reactions
{Koltsov1965} en ruInteraction of trichlorosilane with silica gel
{Shevjakov1967} en ruInteraction of titanium and germanium tetrachlorides with hydrated silica
{Aleskovskii1974} en ruChemistry and technology of solids
{Khalif1977} en ruHeats of adsorption of oxygen on vanadium oxide applied to Aerosil by molecular stratification
{Aleskovskii1952} ruAleskovskii thesis: Matrix hypothesis and way of synthesis of some active solid compounds
{Koltsov1964} ruReaction of trichlorosilane with silica.
{Koltsov1967} en ruInteraction of titanium tetrachloride with silica gel
{Sveshnikova1970} en ruFormation of a silicon oxide layer of predetermined thickness on silicon by the molecular layering method
{Sveshnikova1970b} en ruInteraction of titanium tetrachloride with hydroxylated silicon surfaces

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