Wednesday 23 November 2016

Early ALD publications with no VPHA comments yet

The VPHA reading & commenting in ALD-history-evolving-file has progressed so that the work is 76% done, according to the info collected in the VPHA-reading-overview-file.

There are still five publications without any comments and they are listed in the following table. Two are in Russian and one in Bulgarian. Regarding two, were we have not been able to confirm the reference info from a copy.

  • Of "Koltsov", the VPHA code is missing and we have not yet seen a copy of this work.
  • Regarding {Damyanov1978}, it is likely that there is something wrong with the reference - the Proceedings did not contain the work of the named authors at the page specified.  

{Pak1977} ruStructural effects of silica surfaces on molecularly superposed titanium-oxygen layers
KoltsovMolecular layering of carbon on the silica adsorbents with different pore structure
{Damyanov1978}Damyanov D., M. Velikova, Proc. II-nd Nat. Conf. "Neft i Himiya", Burgas, 4-6 X 1978, b. 1, p. 25 (in Bulgarian)
{Damyanov1978a} bulDamyanov D., Iv. Ivanov, Proc. II-nd Nat. Conf. "Neft i Himiya", Burgas, 4-6 X 1978, b. 1, p. 209 (in Bulgarian)
{Smirnov1979a} ruStudy of chemical and absorption-structural changes on the surface of carbon during molecular stratification of titanium hydroxy groups

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