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Early ALD publications with two VPHA comments

Previous post reported early ALD publications with one VPHA comment in ALD-history-evolving-file, according to info collected in the VPHA-reading-overview-fileThis post lists the publications which have two comments, and still would preferably need one comment.

There are 71 publications currently with two comments. Most of the publications are in Russian, while some works remain in German, English, and Finnish, too.

{Aleskovskii1953} ruInvestigation of absorbents nature. Problems and methods of Chemical analysis
{Aleskovski1955} ruOn the chemical structure of substances with absorptive capacity and catalytic activity
{Smirnova1964} ruSynthesis of Mg-silicagels and Mg-Alumosilicagels and their sorption characteristics
{Aleskovskii1965b} ruReaction of antimony pentachloride with silica gel
{Kuznetsova1965-PhD} Examination of a number of typical products of interaction of hydrated silica with ions of metals by the method of IR-spectroscopy
{Koltsov1967e} ruInfluence of dehydratation of silica on the mechanism reaction (hydrolysis) with trichlorosilane
{Koltsov1967d} ruClassification of chemical transformations of macromolecular inorganic compounds
{Volkova1967} ruStudy of phosphorus trichloride reaction with silica gel
{Sveshnikova1967} ruReaction of titanium tetrachloride with silicon
{Koltsov1968a} ruChemisorption potential and linear decrease of differential chemisorption heat with increase of surface coverage degree
{Koltsov1968b} ruThe change of silica porosity by molecular layering method
{Volkova1969b} ruReaction of PCl3 with silica gel
{Koltsov1969f} ruStudy of the interaction between titanium tetrachloride and silicon
{Volkova1969c} ruMolecular sorption of salts from nonaqueous solvents on phosphorus-containing silica
{Koltsov1969h} ruInteraction of PCl3 with hydrated surface of phosphorus-containing silica
{Aleskovskii1969} ruStudy of sorption of water vapor by phosphorus containing silica
{Sveshnikova1969} ruSynthesis of silicon oxide with specified thickness on the surface of monocrystalline silicon via molecular layering method
{Koltsov1970i} ruSynthesis and investigation of products of reaction between PCl3 and silica
{Koltsov1971} ru"the ML thesis": Synthesis of solids by the Molecular Layering Method
{Yatsevskaya1972} ruEffect of temperature treatment on sorption and catalytic properties of titanium-containing silicas
{Koltsov1973c} ruInfluence of carrier on the properties of catalyst. II
{Volkova1974} ruTitle: The method of synthesis of Cr(III) and P(V) oxide layers on the silicagel surface
{Malygin1974} ruTitle: The method of synthesis of vanadium oxide catalyst for the oxidation of organic compounds
{Bienert1974} gerMolekulare Vanadinoxidschichten auf oxidichen Trägern als Oxidationskatalysatoren
{Koltsov1974a} ruSuccessive reaction-products of boron tribromide and titanium tetrachloride with silica-gel
{Pak1975a} ru Electronic spectra of titanium (VI) containing compounds
{Aleskovskii1976a} ruStoichiometry and synthesis of solid compounds
{Damyanov1976} ru (en abstract)Preparation of metal oxide layers deposited on a support by a surface reaction. I. Chromium oxides on silica gel
{Damyanov1976c} ru (en abstract)Preparing metal oxide layers by a molecular deposition reaction. III IR spectra of modified with chromyl chloride silica gels
{Smirnov1976} ruEffect of the chemical composition of surface layer on the activity of oxide catalyst
{Malkov1976} ruEffect of modification of the surface of carbon fibers by titanium oxide groups on their reactivity
{Malkov1979} ruCatalytic oxidation of carbon fibers containing titanium oxide groups
{Yakovlev1979} enMathematical model of molecular layering with the aid of a fluidizided bed
{Garshin1980} ruEllipsometry and investigation of process of chemical modifying of SiC.
{Drozd1980} ruEffect of molecular stratification of thin oxide layers on electrophysical properties of a semiconductor-oxide system
{Suntola1980b} fiElektroluminesenssinäytöt --- uutta puolijohdetekniikkaa
{Skarp1980-MD}Doping of ALE ZnS for producing different colours in electroluminescent thin films [in Finnish], Master’s thesis,
{Tsvetkova1980} ruInvestigation of titanium oxide coatings deposited on the glass microspheres
{Jerschkewitz1981} gerZur Oberflächenchemie des Aerosil
{Krasnobryzhii1981} ruAdsorption of titanium chloride on the surface of carbon
{Low1981} enReactive silica. XV. Some properties of solids prepared by the reaction of trimethylaluminum with silica
{Smirnov1981a} ruSynthesis of proton-generating functional groups by oxidation of carbon surface
{Syrkov1981} ruSimple glass apparatus for carrying out reaction of solids with vapors of hard to vaporize halides
{Smirnov1981} ruSynthesis by molecular stratification of titanium oxide layers on the surface of technical grade carbon
{Sokolov1981} ruApplication of the molecular stratification method for the enhancement of polymer adhesion to metal
{Nechiporenko1981} ruMicrospectrophotometric study of titanium oxide layers synthesized by molecular stratification on solid surfaces
{Koltsov1981} ru Investigation of the electric-field influence on the synthesis of titanium-oxide layers on the surface of silicon of the method of molecular layer coating
{Hyvarinen1981-MD}Doping and electrooptical characteristics of ZnS:Mn thin film deposited by alternating surface reactions [in Finnish], Master’s thesis
{Koltsov1982} ruInfluence of an electric-field on the structure of titanium-oxide layers
{Ivin1982} ruEffect of thermal treatment on structural-chemical reorganization of carbonized carbon fibers
{Tsvetkova1982a} ruSynthesis with use of molecular layering method of vanadium-containing glass microspheres and investigation of their properties
{Kopylov1982} ruStudy of Styrene conversion on the surface of phosphor-containing silica
{Damyanov1982} enCumene hydroperoxide decomposition in the presence of metal complex catalysts supported on amorphous SiO2.
{Pakkanen1983} enDensity Matrix Approximations for Molecular and Surface Studies
{Smirnov1983a} ruControl of the reactivity of carbon materials in the processes of thermooxidation
{Vainshtein1983a} ru enStudy of the interaction of polyfuctional silanes with a silica surface
{Postnov1983} ruSynthesis of inorganic matrix on the base of silica by chemical assembly method
{Smirnov1983} ruChemical Assembly - the way of directed synthesis (construction) of heterogeneous catalysts
{Tammenmaa1983-MD}Manganese doping of ALE zinc sulfide thin films Helsinki University of Technology
{Tanninen1983-PhD} enX-ray diffraction studies of aluminium powder and electroluminescent zinc sulphide thin films, Doctoral Dissertation,
{Ivin1985} ruReaction of various carbon fibers with chlorine
{Shevchenko1985} ruAdsorption properties and pore structure of products of reaction between silica (ShSMG) and vapours of POCl3 and H2O
{Postnova1985} ruStudy of the proton-donor properties of aluminum-containing silica gels synthesized by the molecular stratification method
{Abakumov1985} ru enChemical assembly of a silicon-nitrogen layer on silicon
{Krasnobryzhii1985} ruSynthesis of Chrome oxide structures on the surface of carbo
{Anikeev1986} ru enChemical deposition of layers of aluminium oxide on silicon
{Yao1986d} enPhotoluminescence properties of ZnSe single crystalline films grown by atomic layer epitaxy
{Lahtinen1986-PhD} Electro-optical studies of semiconductor compounds for electroluminescent and laser devices, Doctoral dissertation, 

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