Saturday 26 November 2016

ALD info in Japan sought

The previous post on the ACSI-conference series brings me back to Japan and ALD. The topic fits Wikipedia having an Asian month in November.)

My feeling is that we are still missing a lot of information of Japanese ALD works in VPHA. (This feeling is based on the information reported in the "ALE essay" and the VPHA manuscript in JVSTA, in press as of Nov 26, 2016.) For example: currently, we have in total 330 PhD-equivalent academic theses listed related to ALD worldwide (see VPHA-ALD-thesis-list). The picture below shows the distribution of theses per country. There are currently none listed from Japan, while I am sure there many academic theses that should be listed. How to get information on them?

The number of PhD-equivalent theses on ALD per country, as listed in VPHA-ALD-thesis-list as of November 26, 2016.

To have covering worldwide information of ALD references, it would be best if we could find some people from Japan who would be willing to help. These people should preferably (1) check that our literature list in ALD-history-evolving-file up to 1986 (condensed version in VPHA-reading-overview-file) is complete also regarding the ALD literature from Japan, (2) provide information of Japanese theses regarding ALD (up to end of 2016), (3) add Japanese review articles on ALD in VPHA's review article list (up to end of 2016), and (4) fill the list of ALD conferences in Japan up to 2016. Of course, one person will not be able to do this all, and we appreciate also small partial contributions. If you are interested, please contact info@, or if you know someone who could help with this, please let us know.

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