Friday 13 May 2016

Finnish Seminar (TENK) on Research Integrity

The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (Tutkimuseettinen neuvottelukunta, TENK, organized on May 9 a seminar (in Finnish) "Vilppiä vai ei? Tutkimuseettinen seminaari". The seminar was very actual, as in Finland there has been lively---and good---discussion about research ethics in the recent months. It all started from an article in Helsingin Sanomat (7.2.) (see also Aivelo's science blog and Retraction watch).  I was happy to attend this event and to learn from the TENK representatives and e.g. from the insightful views shared by the rector of Aalto University, Tuula Teeri.

The guidelines of TENK, drawn up by the research community, have been signed by all Finnish universities as well as by research organizations such as my employer, VTT. One can view the TENK guidelines online; paper copies are provided upon request. The TENK webpages link also to several useful instructions, including international guidelines regarding research integrity, see
I have read these these guidelines several times, before and during VPHA. I recommend these or similar guidelines as essential reading for every scientist, in Finland and elsewhere.

Below is the programme of the event and some photos taken by me (Riikka Puurunen). Some of the photos have been published in Twitter (@rlpuu, hashtag #HTK-seminaari).

Entry to Tieteiden talo, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki.


The walls and corridors of Tieteiden talo are filled with wonderful reliefs by Emil Cedercreutz. Emil cedercreutz was also a master of statues and cut silhouettes, his museum can be visited in Harjavalta

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