Wednesday 11 May 2016

VPHA voting is ready for early adopters to test

VPHA voting files are ready for "early adopters" to use and test, to create the conclusive recommended reading list of early ALD publications for the ALD 2016 Ireland VPHA presentation.

You find the links to the two voting files + instructions though (at the moment under the "under construction" heading) and in the bullets below. The early adopters can make their first vote already; you have time to update and change your vote until June 15th. At the moment, of the two options, only "option b" is open, that is, voting through the VPHA-voting-ENTRY-file.

We have made the very first test with the system; however, it is possible that the voting system is not completely final yet --- that is why this is a message for the "early adopters". Feedback is appreciated when you have proposals how to make the system easier to use for voters and at the same time not make it more laborious for the coordination. The instructions copied below are current instructions and there may be small changes coming still (the linked files will always contain the most up-to-date information).

VPHA voting rules related to VPHA-voting-file

  1. Each VPHA co-author may vote
    • If you want to vote but are not yet a VPHA co-author, please first become a co-author by leaving at least one comment in ALD-history-evolving-file.
  2. Each VPHA co-author can distribute up to 20 points to early ALD publications. One can also use less than 20 points.
  3. One can give up to three (3) points to each publication. Thus, one can also give two (2) or one (1) point to each publication.
  4. To decide the result, the publications will be ordered on the basis points received.
  5. The top ranked publications will form the “conclusive recommended reading list” for the VPHA poster at ALD 2016 Ireland. (Whether it will be the Top-20 or Top-30 or something else, is to be decided later)
  6. Voting made with one’s own name (thus not anonymously)
Voting is open until June 15, 2016. Until then, one can update and modify one’s own vote.

Practical aspects: how to vote?

  • There are two ways to vote:
a.                                      Via email: All VPHA co-authors will receive by email a spreadsheet with a column with the article info and an empty column to add their name and vote
b.                                      Via the VPHA-voting-ENTRY-file, open to view and edit by anyone
  • Label a voting column with _your name_ and enter the number of points you wish to give to the rows of the publications (the codes work as unique identifiers)

Once completed, send email to either (a) with the filled spreadsheet attached or (b) with a note that you have entered your info VPHA-voting-ENTRY-file. We will copy-paste the info to VPHA-voting-file.

Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA) - in atmosphere of Openness, Respect, and Trust

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