Saturday 19 March 2016

VPHA ALD publications with three (plus) comments - 42

This post completes the series listing the VPHA ALD publications with different amounts of comments. The publications listed in this post have already received three or more comments and the general VPHA reading target has been met.

Those people interested in these publications can still of course read and comment these still in VPHA, having more than three comments is also completely ok. Still, to have VPHA progress and to able to complete the reading for Ireland ALD 2016, the publications with less comments should have a priority for reading.

Earlier posts on this series listed below. All status info comes from the VPHA-reading-overview-file.

{Kohlschutter1950} gerin German: Deposition of silicic acid in cotton fibers
{Koltsov1963} ruSilica gel, its structure and chemical properties.
{Koltsov1963a} ruSynthesis of multilayered inorganic polymers
{Aleskovskii1965a} ruReaction of germanium tetrachloride with silica gel
{Koltsov1967c} en ruReaction of germanium tetrachloride with silica gel
{Koltsov1968} en ruEffect of degree of dehydration of silica gel on mechanism of hydrolysis of adsorbed titanium tetrachloride.
{Koltsov1969} ru enPreparation and investigation of the products of interaction between germanium tetrachloride and silica gel
{Koltsov1969a} en ru Preparation and investigation of the products of interaction between titanium tetrachloride and silica gel
{Koltsov1970} en ruChanges in the structure of silica gel during formation of a layer of titanium dioxide on its surface
{Murray1970} enThe polymerization of propylene by the SiO2/TiCl4/AlMe3 system
{Koltsov1970h} ruThe effect of support on the properties of catalyst. 1
{Kunawicz1971} enReactions of silica surfaces with hydrogen sequestering agents
{Sharygin1971} ru enChemisorption of tin tetrachloride on silica gel
{Malygin1972} en ruReaction of chromium-containing silica gel with hydrogen chloride
{Pak1974} en ruDetermination of coordination number of titanium atoms on a titanium-containing silica surface by measuring shifts in K(alfa1) X-ray lines
{Eremeeva1974} en ruInvestigation of ultrathin SiO2 films on the surface of single-crystal germanium
{Pak1976a} ruStructure of surface complexes obtained by reaction of VOCl3 with silica and aerosil
{Suntola1976} fi swe en ru ...Menetelmä ja laite yhdisteohutkalvojen kasvattamiseksi - Förfarande och anordning för uppbyggande av tunna föreningshinnor (~Method and apparatus for the growth of compound thin films)
{Malygin1976} enOxidation--reduction reactions of phosphorus trichloride and vanadyl(V) chloride with vanadium(V)- and phosphorus(III)- containing silica gels
{Ahonen1980} en A study of ZnTe films grown on glass substrates using an atomic layer evaporation method
{Suntola1980} enAtomic layer epitaxy for producing EL thin films
{Gordeev1982} en ruSynthesis of hydroxyl--titanium--carbon solid compounds on diamond by the molecular-stratification method
{Kinney1983} enReactions of titanium tetrachloride and trimethylaluminum at silica surfaces studied by using infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy
{Pakkanen1984} enQuantum chemical studies of the formation of zinc sulfide surface by the ALE technique
{Egorov1984} en ruFormation of titanium dioxide films in the course of chemical assembly
{Tolmachev1984} enMolecular layering of titanium oxide layers and their effect on the chemical stability of optical glass
{Petrova1986c} ru enInfluence Of The Degree Of Hydroxylation Of The Surface Of Gamma-Al2O3 On The Character Of Chemisorption Of TiCl4
{Koltsov1965} en ruInteraction of trichlorosilane with silica gel
{Koltsov1967a} ru enProperties of dioxochlorosilane groups on the surface of silica
{Koltsov1967b} en ruStudy of the stoichiometry of the products formed in the reaction of trichlorosilane with the functional groups of polysilisic acid
{Koltsov1972} en ru Effect of surface coverage of silica gel with phosphorus on subsequent chemisorption of titanium tetrachloride
{Aleskovskii1974} en ruChemistry and technology of solids
{Khalif1977} en ruHeats of adsorption of oxygen on vanadium oxide applied to Aerosil by molecular stratification
{Egorov1984a} en ruPreparation of ultra thin silicon dioxide films on the tantalum surface by the chemical buildup method
{Aleskovskii1952} ruAleskovskii thesis: Matrix hypothesis and way of synthesis of some active solid compounds
{Aleskovskii1965} ruSome characteristics of molecular layering reactions
{Koltsov1967} en ruInteraction of titanium tetrachloride with silica gel
{Sveshnikova1970} en ruFormation of a silicon oxide layer of predetermined thickness on silicon by the molecular layering method
{Koltsov1964} ruReaction of trichlorosilane with silica.
{Shevjakov1967} en ruInteraction of titanium and germanium tetrachlorides with hydrated silica
{Sveshnikova1970b} en ruInteraction of titanium tetrachloride with hydroxylated silicon surfaces

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