Wednesday 30 March 2016

ALD conference list with "sister file" to add info

We have now created a file to collect information on ALD conferences throughout the years. This adds to the VPHA files collecting info on ALD theses and review articles. Thank you Oksana Yurkevich for making the transition from the ALD History Blog page and improving the information on the way.

The new file is called can VPHA-ALD-conference-list and it can be viewed and commented upon in real time by anyone. There is also a "sister file" called VPHA-conference-to-be-added, where anyone can edit information on missing conferences. One can find links to both files through Below is a list of information that we would like to collect for the conferences. All additional bits and pieces of information are appreciated which help us to complete the list. 

  • Year
  • Short name
  • Full name
  • Location and time
  • Conference chair(s)
  • Records?
  • Number of presentation numbers (oral/poster/combined)
  • Attendees (xx from yy countries)
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