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VPHA ALD publications with one comment - 151

Continuing on the "big-picture" post, below are shared the codes and titles of the total of 151 publications listed in VPHA, which have so far been read and commented upon once.

This list contains a lot of works in Russian, some of which have translations in English, and also publications from other countries (Finland, Japan, Germany, ...). Language-wise, all VPHA co-authors should be able to find reading in this list. 

Since these publications have only one comment in VPHA, reading them is important for the progress of VPHA. Post listing articles with zero comments---thereby having a still higher VPHA reading priority---here.

{Aleskovskii1953} ruInvestigation of absorbents nature. Problems and methods of Chemical analysis
{Stober1956} gerIn German: Chemische Adsorption von Methylchlorsilanen an kristallinem und amorphem Siliziumdioxyd
{Koltsov1962}Investigation of interaction between CCl4 and SiO2
{Koltsov1967d} ruClassification of chemical transformations of macromolecular inorganic compounds
{Volkova1967} ruStudy of phosphorus trichloride reaction with silica gel
{Volkova1968} ruThe study of stoichiometry of the products of multilayer chemisorption of PCl3 on silica gel
{Volkova1968a} ruInfluence of the degree of surface hydroxylation of silica gel on chemisorption of phosphorus trichloride
{Sveshnikova1968} ruStudy of the interaction between titanium tetrachloride and silicon
{Volkova1969b} ruReaction of PCl3 with silica gel
{Koltsov1969f} ruStudy of the interaction between titanium tetrachloride and silicon
{Koltsov1969g} ruChemical composition of products synthesized by sequential chemisorption of TiCl4 and PCl3 on silica
{Koltsov1969c} ruSynthesis of titanium and phosphorous oxides by varying number of titanium and phosphorous monolayers
{Koltsov1969d} ruInfluence of the underlying atoms on the activity of atoms on the surface
{Koltsov1969e} ruChanges in silica gel during the process of molecular layering of phosphorus pentoxide
{Smirnov1969} ruStudy of chemical activity of P2O5 synthesized by Molecular Layering method on the surface of silica
{Aleskovskii1969} ruStudy of sorption of water vapor by phosphorus containing silica
{Smirnov1969a} ruStudy of chemical activity of titanium dioxide deposited on silica by molecular layering technique
{Sveshnikova1969a} ruMeasuring thicknesses of ultra-thin silicon oxide films deposited by molecular layering on the surface of single crystal silicon using polarization method
{Volkova1969a} ruThe interaction of some chlorides with silica gel - molecular layering reactions. Ph.D. (kandidat nauk) thesis,
{Volkova1969} ruStudy of the interaction between phosphorus trichloride and silica gel
{Koltsov1970b} ruHomology of three dimensional inorganic polymers with globular type structure
{Koltsov1970c} ruRelation between structures of globular polymers and their chemical composition
{Koltsov1970d} ruPolymeranalogous transformation of three dimensional inorganic polymers
{Koltsov1970e} ruInterrelation between products of polymeranalogous reactions of three dimensional inorganic polymers
{Koltsov1970f} ruChange in supermolecular structure of globular inorganic polymers during the process of polymeranalogous transformations
{Koltsov1970g} ruThe interrelation between the heat of chemisorption and the location of functional groups on the surface of three dimensional inorganic polymers
{Rachkovskii1970a} ruStudy of the reaction of tin tetrachloride with silica gel
{Malygin1970} ruInteraction between phosphorous containing silica gel and ammonia
{Malygin1970a} ruStudy of the properties of reaction products between phosphorous containing silica gel and ammonia
{Sveshnikova1970a} ruSynthesis of a titanium oxide layer of predetermined thickness on monocrystalline silicon by the molecular layering method
{Koltsov1970a} ruEffect of the extent of silica dehydratation on the chemisorption mechanism of PCl3
{Koltsov1971} ru"the ML thesis": Synthesis of solids by the Molecular Layering Method
{Sveshnikova1971} ruSynthesis and study of thin oxide layers on the silicon surface
{Unger1971} gerFortschrittsberichte über Kolloide und Polymere
{Hertl1971} enReaction of hexamethyldisilazans with silica
{Volkova1971} ruReaction of phosphorus-containing silica with AgNO3
{Volkova1972} en ru Interaction between chromyl chloride and silica gel
{Kopylov1972} ruInteraction of aluminium chloride with silica
{Rachkovskii1972} ruSynthesis and study of thin oxide layers on the surface of single-crystal silicon
{Malygin1973b} enReaction of VOCl3 with hydroxilated surface of silica
{Koltsov1973a} ruStudy of the stability of thin titanium oxide films of various thicknesses on the surface of silica gel
{Koltsov1973b} ruThe effect of hydratation of silica on the mechanism of reaction between silica and aluminum chloride
{Koltsov1973} ru enEffect of the extent of surface hydroxylation of silica on the chemisorption of vanadium oxytrichloride.
{Volkova1973} en ruReaction of Phosphoryl chloride with hydrated silica
{Malygin1973a} ruThe interaction of vanadium , phosphorus, chromium oxychlorides with silica - reactions of the molecular layering:/ Diss . ... Candidate . Chem. Science
{Smirnov1973-PhD}Synthesis and investigation of the activity of thin oxide layers on the surface of silica, Disc . ... Candidate . Chem. Science
{Bliznakov1974} ruSome morphological peculiarities of coatings deposited by molecular layering – single dimension model
{Smirnov1974a} ruRegarding the chemical activity of titanium containing silica
{Pak1974a} ruThe electronic spectrum of ultra thin titanium oxide films on the surface of quartz
{Petrov1975} ru Density of multilayer coatings formed as a result of reactions of molecular stratification - two-dimensional models
{Pak1975} en ruFormation of positive benzene ions on surface of titanium-containing and aluminum-containing silicas prepared by the molecular-coating method
{Pak1975b} en ruOptical spectra of silicas [and silica gel] in the range 200--400 nm
{Hanke1975} gerStudies on catalytically active surface compounds 1. Preparation and investigation of vanadium oxide phases on silica
{Damyanov1976b} ruPreparing metal oxide layers by a molecular surface deposition reaction. II. Porous structure of silica gel with deposited chromium oxides
{Damyanov1976c} ruPreparing metal oxide layers by a molecular deposition reaction. III IR spectra of modified with chromyl chloride silica gels
{Smirnov1976} ruEffect of the chemical composition of surface layer on the activity of oxide catalyst
{Koltsov1976a} ru en Investigation of degree of monocrystalline silicon surface hydration at different temperatures
{Koltsov1976b} en ruSynthesis and investigation of aluminum--oxygen layers on the surface of silica
{Malkov1976} ruEffect of modification of the surface of carbon fibers by titanium oxide groups on their reactivity
{Tretyakov1976} ruChemisorption of TiCl4 on the dehydroxylated samples of silica
{Stepanova1977} en ruStudy of the reaction between zinc chloride and silica gel
{Hanke1978a} gerZur Existenz unterschiedlicher Vanadium (V)-oxid-Oberflächenphasen auf SiO2 und ihre katalytischen Eigenschaften
{Nechiporenko1978} en ruUltramicrochemical investigation of chromium oxide layers synthesized by molecular layering on single-crystal germanium and silicon surfaces
{Volkova1978} ruReaction of vinyl-containing silica with phosphorus (III) chloride
{Morrow1979} enRaman spectra of some hydrogen sequestering agents chemisorbed on silica
{Smirnov1979} enSynthesis of hydride functional groups on the surface of diamond
{Suntola1980a} ruMethod and equipment for deposition of compound thin films [in Finnish], SF patent 57975, Feb 28, 1979
{Gordeev1980} enSynthesis of hydroxyl functional groups on the surface of diamond
{Koltsov1980} enStructural characteristics of chromium-containing silica gel prepared by molecular coating
{Gromov1980} ruOptical properties of superthin layers of titanium oxide synthesized by the molecular stratification method on a single-crystal silicon surface
{Kukharskaya1980} ruProtection of glass and quartz fibers by titanium oxide coatings
{Malygin1980} en ruChemical composition of silica containing chromium and phosphorus synthesized by the molecular-stratification method
{Suntola1980b}title? article in "Sähkö", must be in Finnish
{Ezhovskii1980} ruA method of producing of an optical coating. Description of invention for the authorship certificate № 789452. Claimed: 04.12.78, Published 23.12.80
{Tsvetkova1980} ruInvestigation of titanium oxide coatings deposited on the glass microspheres
{Suntola1981} enAtomic Layer Epitaxy
{Vainshtein1981} ru enPossible quantative estimation of the reactivity of silanol groups on silica surface
{Kopylov1981} en ruSpectroscopic study of the interaction of an epoxy resin with the surface of glass fillers modified by molecular lamination
{Postnova1981} en ruThe protic acidity of titanium-containing silica gels obtained by molecular deposition in layers
{Smirnov1981} ruSynthesis by molecular stratification of titanium oxide layers on the surface of technical grade carbon
{Nechiporenko1981} ruMicrospectrophotometric study of titanium oxide layers synthesized by molecular stratification on solid surfaces
{Tanninen1981} enX-ray diffraction study of thin electroluminescent ZnS films grown by atomic layer epitaxy
{Pak1981} ruParticipation of adsorbed water in molecular stratification reactions
{Koltsov1981} ru Investigation of the electric-field influence on the synthesis of titanium-oxide layers on the surface of silicon of the method of molecular layer coating
{Ezhovskii1981} ruA method of manufacturing of capacitors with oxide dielectric. Description of invention for the author certificate № 890463. Claimed: 24.04.80. Published 15.12.81.
{Koltsov1982} ruInfluence of an electric-field on the structure of titanium-oxide layers
{Silanova1982} ru enSurface Reactions in the system Cu-Cu2O-CH3OH
{Nechiporenko1982} enSurface activity of metals (Ni, Ti) in molecular stratification reactions
{Ivin1982} ruEffect of thermal treatment on structural-chemical reorganization of carbonized carbon fibers
{Malkov1982} ruInfluence of chlorine chemisorption on the thermooxidative destruction of carbon fibers
{Malygin1982a} ruInfluence of technological parameters on the synthesis of vanadium-containing silicas.
{Malygin1982} ruThe effect of vanadium-containing additives on thermal-oxidative stability and combustibility of polymeric materials
{Gordeev1982a} ruDiamond – vanadium (V) oxychloride : chemistry of interaction
{Nechiporenko1982b} ruSpectroscopic investigation of ultra-fine oxide layers deposited by molecular layering method on the surface of glass and single crystal silicium
{Tsvetkova1982b} ruPreparing of spheroplastics with improved properties
{Tsvetkova1982} enPreparation of titanium oxide coatings on sodium borosilicate glass surfaces by molecular layering and study of the stability of the products obtained in aqueous medium
{Vainshtein1982} ru A method of metals preparing before gluing. Description of invention for the author certificate № 975771. Claimed: 16.07.81. Published 23.11.82
{Malkov1983} ruEffect of conditions of chlorine chemisorption on the stability of carbon fibers in oxidative environments.
{Vainshtein1983} ruStudy of the interaction of methyldichlor silane with a silicon surface
{Vainshtein1983a} ru enStudy of the interaction of polyfuctional silanes with a silica surface
{Kuznetsova1983} en ruChanges in the structure of dispersed silica during the molecular stratification of chromium oxide
{Drozd1983} ruStudy of some properties of oxide coatings prepared by molecular stratification on the surface of semiconductors
J.A. Lahtinen and Turkka TuomiElectroreflectance of thin zinc sulphide films grown by atomic layer epitaxy and electron beam evaporation techniques
{Tammenmaa1983-MD}Manganese doping of ALE zinc sulfide thin films Helsinki University of Technology
{Tornqvist1983-PhD}Electroluminescence in ZnS:Mn thin film structures grown with atomic layer epitaxy, Doctoral Dissertation,
{Ezhovskii1983} ruA method of treatment of silicate supports surface. Description of invention for the author certificate № 988786. Claimed: 05.06.81. Published 15.01.83
{Paananen1984} enFirst Symposium on Atomic Layer Epitaxy (VTT Symposium 54)
{Pessa1984a} enResearch and development of thin film technology in Finland
{Antson1984} enCharacterization of electroluminescent thin film structures by analytical techniques
{Tuomi1984} enX-ray and optical studies of the formation of zinc sulfide thin films grown by atomic layer epitaxy
{Vulli1984} enPossibilities and plans to prepare cadmium-mercury-telluride (CMT) semiconductor thin films with MBE- and ALE-methods
{Hautojaervi1984} enThe use of slow positrons to study semiconductor surfaces and interfaces
{Motsenyat1984} ru enFormation and reactions of hydroxyl groups on polymide surface with titanium tetrachloride
{Krasnobryzhii1984} ru enHydrolysis of titaniumchloride groups synthesized on the surface of technical carbon
{Pessa1984b}Atomic layer epitaxy of CdTe on the polar (111)A and (111)B surfaces of CdTe substrates
{Pessa1984}Epitaxial growth and electronic structure of CdTe films
{Postnova1984a} ru enStudy of catalytic systems synthesized by the molecular layering method
{Tolmachev1984a} ruInvestigation of process for synthesizing ultrathin titanium-oxide layers in porous glass
{Suntola1984}Atomic layer epitaxy, in “Extended Abstracts of the 16th Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials,” p. 647, Kobe, Japan (1984).
{Skarp1984a} Combination film, in particular for thin film electroluminescent structures
{Bedair1985} enATOMIC LAYER EPITAXY OF III--V binary compounds
{Ellestad1985} enReactions of titanium tetrachloride with silica gel surfaces
{Herman1985} enSurface morphology of CdTe films grown on CdTe (111) substrates by atomic layer epitaxy
{Ivin1985} ruReaction of various carbon fibers with chlorine
{Miroshnichenko1985} en ruThermal oxidation of silicon carbide with surface modification by the molecular layering method
{Oikkonen1985}X-ray diffraction study of microstructure in ZnS thin films grown from zinc acetate by atomic layer epitaxy
{Suntola1985} enAtomic layer epitaxy
{Vainshtein1985} ru enRearrangement reactions on the surface of modified silicas
{Ezhovskii1985} ru enChemical Preparation of Silicon and Titanium Oxides
{Anikeev1986} ru enChemical deposition of layers of aluminium oxide on silicon
{Brykalov1986} en ruThe acidic properties of silochrom S-120 coated with various oxides by molecular layering
{Doi1986}Stepwise monolayer growth of GaAs by switched laser metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
{Tsvetkova1986} ru enThe durability of glass microspheres coated by ultrathin element oxide coatings.
{Herman1986b} enGrowth mechanism in atomic layer epitaxy. 2. A model of the growth process of CdTe on CdTe(111) substrates
{Herman1986c} enGrowth mechanism in atomic layer epitaxy. 1. RE-EVAPORATION OF Cd AND Te FROM CdTe(111) SURFACES MONITORED BY AUGER-ELECTRON SPECTROSCOPY
{Herman1986} enMolecular layer epitaxy
{Malygin1986a} ru enThe concentration factor in production of vanadium-containing silica gel
{Petrova1986a} ru enReaction Of TiCl4 And H2O Vapor Products With A Mica Surface
{Tischler1986c} enUltrathin InAs/GaAs single quantum well structures grown by atomic layer epitaxy
{Usui1986}GaAs atomic layer epitaxy by hydride VPE
{Yao1986b} enDynamic Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Observations of the Atomic Layer Epitaxy Growth of Zn Chalcogenides
{Yao1986d} enPhotoluminescence properties of ZnSe single crystalline films grown by atomic layer epitaxy
{Lahtinen1986-PhD} Electro-optical studies of semiconductor compounds for electroluminescent and laser devices, Doctoral dissertation, 

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