Tuesday 1 December 2015

Page under construction: List of ALD conferences

I have started to build a page inside the ALD History Blog, to list the past and future ALD conferences and workshops. You can find the page under construction already here: http://aldhistory.blogspot.fi/p/ald-conferences.html.

There are many missing items still. If you would like to help me with filling the info, you can contact me (1) by leaving a comment in the comment field after this post or after the page itself, or (2) emailing to my work address, firstname.lastname@vtt.fi. Please include a descriptive title in your email, e.g., "ALD Blog: addition to the ALD conference list" or alike, not to be overlooked. To be included in the list, the conference should have a strong emphasis on ALD (>50%).

Info to be included for each conference include:
  • Past conferences: short name, full name (as reported in the original conference / workshop documents); where (city, country); when (exact dates); link to website if there is one; name(s) of the conference chair(s)/leader(s) (typically one or two). Links to travel reports, if there are.
  • Future conferences: same info as above, + info on the abstract submission deadline.

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