Tuesday 19 July 2016

VPHA ALD 2016 poster ready & next steps

The message below was sent on July 19 to all VPHA co-authors (70) and listed prospective co-authors (31). VPHA's poster at ALD 2016 poster can be found here. VPHA will have still one reading & commenting round and welcomes more participants.  
From: Puurunen Riikka
Sent: 19. heinäkuuta 2016 10:23
Subject: VPHA ALD 2016 poster ready & next steps

Dear VPHA co-authors and prospective co-authors,

VPHA poster to the ALD 2016 conference is now finalized. You can find a copy of it in the vph-ald.com website: http://vph-ald.com/VPHApublications/VPHA-poster_July2016_FINAL_2016-07-19.pdf. The main content and novelty of the poster is the recommended reading list of early ALD publications, which came out from the VPHA voting made in May-June.

Some words of the next steps in VPHA. (1) We plan to open up VPHA for a third, final reading & commenting round. The reading is now 67.5% completed (far from 100%, thus), and there are still 16 publications with zero comments (in the end, all publications should have minimum one comment, preferably three). (2) Additionally, to fine-tune the votes & recommended reading list (1st version presented in the current poster) for the VPHA article in the JVSTA special issue and to allow still more people to participate, we plan also to open up the VPHA voting again for some weeks after the ALD 2016 conference. More on these two items later.

More people are still welcome to volunteer and participate in VPHA.  

Best regards,
Thanking everyone for their contributions so far,
Riikka Puurunen, VPHA coordinator

P.S.: Poster co-authors: only minor linguistical changes were made to the poster after sending it for your revision on July 18.
Riikka Puurunen (Dr.), Senior Scientist, Microsystems and Nanoelectronics; Project Manager (IPMA C)
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tietotie 3, Espoo (P.O. Box 1000), FI-02044 Espoo (VTT), Finland

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