Tuesday 21 June 2016

VPHA communication: ALD 2016 Ireland poster DRAFT for commenting / DL Jul 5

Email sent to 70 VPHA co-authors. 
Dear VPHA co-authors,

Please find attached the first general draft of the VPHA poster for the ALD 2016 Ireland conference for commenting. The abstract text of our poster is copied below as a reminder.

This version of the poster has been worked out together with the core organizational group of VPHA (Koshtyal, Pedersen, Puurunen, Sundqvist, van Ommen, Yurkevich). The main content of the poster is the result of the VPHA voting. In addition to the 22 publications which are included in the table and form the “recommended reading list” (all voted for by minimum of four persons), there was a long list of publications, which three to one persons had voted for. For this poster, we have to keep the list short; however, we understand that this list not the “one and the only truth” and many significant publications remain outside of this list.  
In addition to the recommended reading list, created by voting, we have promised also to review the most important applications. Regarding the list of applications, I want to ask for your feedback. Under the title “Early ALD applications”, the current poster version reads: “… Other noteworthy early applications are for example catalysts, sorbents, polymer fillers, other to mention?”. Here, I want to ask for your feedback. What other applications should be added to this list? We don’t have space to add long explanations, so please keep your proposals at the short, general level, similar to the earlier applications mentioned.  

Please also look through the poster, and report to me:
  • If you see a mistake in your name
  • If you see a mistake in your address. For the time being, the addresses are listed one after each other without indexing; for the next version, I will condense the list by applying indices (1, 2, 3, …) so that the people coming from the same organization refer to one address only.  (Then we’ll also get a number, how many different affiliations we have.)

If you have proposals of changes to make regarding the poster, please send them to info@ vph-ald.com within two weeks, latest on July 5. Due to time and space limitations as well as the complexity of creating a poster with seventy (70!) authors, I hope that we can keep changes to the minimum; however, all necessary corrections will be of course made.

Best regards,
Riikka Puurunen, VPHA coordinator
P.S. This message is for once sent to confirmed VPHA co-authors, who are authors of the poster. Prospective VPHA co-authors and other interested persons can view the message through the ALD History Blog copy - without attachment, however.

---- VPHA ALD 2016 abstract begins ----
Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a technique that has been instrumental in enabling the semiconductor industry to maintain its adherence to Moore’s Law, and is becoming a game-changer in several other fields. A worldwide voluntary effort called “Virtual Project on the History of ALD” (VPHA), open for everyone with an ALD background to participate, was launched in summer 2013 to explore how the ALD concept was developed; which were the first ALD experiments; when, where, why and by whom they were made. Earlier VPHA outcomes were published at ALD 2014 (accessed through VPHA’s website http://vph-ald.com); VPHA has made steady progress since then. Here we will present a conclusive recommended reading list of the most significant early ALD publications and briefly review the most important individual works and applications.
---- VPHA ALD 2016 abstract ends ----

Riikka Puurunen (Dr.), Senior Scientist, Microsystems and Nanoelectronics; Project Manager (IPMA C)
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tietotie 3, Espoo (P.O. Box 1000), FI-02044 Espoo (VTT), Finland

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