Sunday 25 October 2015

VPHA status update 2015-10-21

An email status update was sent on October 21, 2015, to VPHA co-authors and prospective co-authors. Shortened version below. 

If you would like to get the full status updates by email, please contact the VPHA organizers by sending email to info@ or through the LinkedIn ALD History group. The VPHA update emails are always sent with receiving addresses in the bcc field, to avoid large reply-to-all email chains. 


Significant progress has taken place regarding the Virtual Project on the History of ALD within the past weeks. Please find below an update considering six topics.

1) Baltic ALD 


There was a general HERALD day after BALD in Tartu, 30.10.2015. <>

Some things to note from the HERALD meeting:
  • New organizations can join still. If your organization is not yet part and you’d like to join, please contact Simon Elliott <>. 
  • In the personal member descriptions, it is good for all participants to update their profile. 
  • When updating the profile, one can add keywords. VPHA-related keywords have now been added to the list (when one person adds some that did not exist before, they get automatically added). When people co-authoring in VPHA update their profiles, it will be good to note the VPHA activity, too. <> 

3) Update to the VPHA Introduction and Invitation to participate

The Introduction and Invitation to participate of VPHA is from summer 2013 and partly outdated already for some time. <> good to make an update to the Intro and Invitation. <>

4) Malygin’s presentation at ALD Russia

Prof Malygin gave an interesting invited talk on Molecular Layering / ALD at the ALD Russia 2015 workshop. I think that this is the first time (perhaps after Drozd’s presentation at BALD, Helsinki, 2014) that a general overview of Molecular Layering is easily available in English, so this is very valuable.


5) Essay about Molecular Layering

There is also an essay being written about Molecular Layering (item 8 in the Publication Plan, and this has recently been accepted for publication:
  • Essay by A. A. Malygin, V. E. Drozd, A. A. Malkov, V. M. Smirnov, "From V. B. Aleskovskii’s "Framework" Hypothesis to the Method of Molecular Layering/Atomic Layer Deposition", Chemical Vapor Deposition, in press (2015). 


6) VPHA in numbers

From the VPHA-reading-overview file, VPHA in numbers, as of October 21, 2015:
  • # Number of articles listed: 347 
  • # Comments given: 363 
  • # Comments needed: 697 


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