Friday 30 October 2015

New: VPHA ALD history translations file

A new file has been created: VPHA-translations. One can access it through In this file, we collect the translations made in the Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA) for early publications on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).  The translations in this file are informal, work-in-progess type of translations made by VPHA volunteers. Changes, additions, removals are all possible.

As of 30.10.2015, the file contains two translations. Both represent parts significant academic theses regarding Molacular Layering, originally in Russian. One is the Doctor of science thesis by Aleskovskii in 1952 and the other the Candidate of Science (corresponds roughly to PhD) by Drozd in 1978. Thanks to Maria Berdova, Fred Roozeboom and Victor Drozd for the translations and for the permission to include them in this file for the referral by others.

Some comments have already been given in VPHA reading regarding these theses, written in the ALD-history-evolving file, also accessible through One can search with the current VPHA codes  {Aleskovskii1952} and {Drozd1978-PhD} to find them easily in the large file.  The Aleskovskii thesis already has several comments made by the VPHA authors; more comments on the significance are still welcome. Regarding the Drozd thesis, we would still need one more comment, to have the minimum number of three that we would like to have for each publication in VPHA.

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