Friday 5 February 2016

2015: a turning point in understanding the history of ALD

Recently, I concluded to a colleague that I think that year 2015 was a turning point in understanding the history of ALD. Maybe it is worth saying publicly in the ALD History Blog, why I think this is the case.

We started the Virtual Project on the History of ALD in 2013. In 2014, we made the FinALD40 exhibition, and there were VPHA presentations at Baltic ALD in Helsinki and the ALD 2014 conference in Kyoto, and I published the Suntola ALE essay. Why then do I think that 2015 was a turning point? There are two main reasons.
  1. The International ALD Russia workshop was organized. This workshop brought together original developers of Molecular Layering, other ALD scientists from Russia, and people from the international ALD community, with participants from USA, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Korea, and many more countries. VPHA was not directly involved in this organization; however, I am sure that VPHA had made the time ripe for this event to happen and to be so fruitful. (When I asked the question after Suntola's invited talk at the ALD 2004 conference in Helsinki, time was not yet ripe.) Travel report from the ALD Russia workshop here
  2. The Molecular Layering - ALD history essay by Malygin et al. was published. This essay is historical, even revolutionary in the way how it describes the massiveness of the Molecular Layering works, which have remained unknown to so many scientist---for reasons which I do not fully understand. If only this essay had the Open Access status, so that everyone could access the information freely! If there are people/organizations who would like to sponsor the Open Access payment for this essay, maybe the status can still be changed.

This ALD History Blog was also started in 2015. Perhaps that could be a third reason for naming 2015 a turning point---at least, the blog has made a great difference to myself regarding the communication of the progress in VPHA to all interested parties.

Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA) - in atmosphere of Openness, Respect, and Trust

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