Sunday 22 July 2018

VPHA status update 22.7.2018 - ECS Transactions info

The message below was sent to 76 VPHA contributors and 56 prospective contributors.

From: Puurunen Riikka
Sent: 22 July 2018 22:31
To: info @
Cc: Puurunen Riikka; jonas.sundqvist@ <>
Subject: VPHA status update 22.7.2018 - ECS Transactions info

Dear current and prospective VPHA contributors,

This VPHA update shares information on an ECS Transactions article related to an invited talk at the ECS fall symposium. The previous VPHA status update was sent on May 28, 2018. All VPHA status updates published in the ALD History Blog can be viewed in this link.

Best regards,
Riikka Puurunen, voluntary VPHA coordinator
Riikka Puurunen, Associate professor, Catalysis Science and Technology
Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Visiting address: Kemistintie 1, 02150 Espoo, Finland, room: E412
Mail address: P.O. Box 16100, FI-00076 AALTO, Finland
Tel: +358 <>, email:

Invited talk at the ECS fall 2018 ALD symposium

As communicated earlier, I (Riikka Puurunen) have been invited to the ECS fall symposium, Cancun, Mexico, to talk with title “Learnings from an Open Science Effort: Virtual Project on the History of ALD”. Related to the talk, a proceedings article was requested to ECS Transactions. It has been written and shared for everyone’s attention through the new ECSarXiv preprint server, DOI: 10.1149/ The latest version, July 12, is in press in ECS Transactions.

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