Sunday 1 July 2018

The question that started the Virtual Project on the History of ALD

I noticed that the discussion chain, which initiated the Virtual Project on the History of ALD, is still accessible in LinkedIn. Here, I copy the first post, which was a question by myself. Markedly, there in total 26 items of discussion at the moment (and one "like"). To my knowledge, the post was written on May 6, 2013. Screen capture of the post, full copy of the text below. (I was not a professor at Aalto University then, but a senior researcher at VTT.) Link to the discussion chain, which is still open:

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What are the "Molecular layering" papers by Koltsov from "early 1960's"?

I noticed that the "hall of fame" of has been updated with a few faces, among them Aleskovskii and Koltsov.

Of Koltsov, the text reads: "ALD principle was first published under name “Molecular Layering” in the early 1960s by Prof. S.I. Kol’tsov from Leningrad (Lensovet) Technological Institute (LTI)." I assume that has copied this text from somewhere else (where?), as think I recall to have read this earlier, probably word to word.

The question is: what are these papers published "early in 1960's" by Koltsov?

The earliest paper I am physically aware of (= I have a copy of), where ALD has evidently been made (verified by my own eyes & brain), is by Shevyakov, Kuznetzova and Aleskovskii from a conference in 1965, with proceedings published in 1967. This was kindly provided to me by Prof. Anatoly Malygin and Mr. Vitaliy Dorofeev (St. Petersburg State Technological Institute), when I was digging into the history of ALD during my IMEC postdoc time (the digging resulted in the history part of J. Appl. Phys. 97 (2005) 121301). But this conference paper cannot in my opinion be considered "early 1960's" --- and Koltsov is not in the author list!

So, if there is work published by Koltsov earlier than the Shevyakov et al. work, what is it?

There has been discussion on early ALD references also in this LinkedIn group earlier, but I do not recall anyone giving detailed references to Koltsov's work. Beneq has recently announced that they will start collaboration with researchers in St Petersburg; an existing research group is expanded with new capabilities. I assume that of all people, these researchers should know, which are the references by Koltsov, where "ALD principle" has been published "early in 1960's". I would so much appreciate getting info on these. In Russian, translated to English, whatever - it is the content that matters.

So, if anyone has info on this, please share, for the common benefit. --- The references should preferably be detailed anough so that a skilfull librarian gets a copy orderd with that info.

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Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA) - in atmosphere of Openness, Respect, and Trust

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