Monday 2 January 2017

Wikipedia List of multiple discoveries updated with ALD

The Wikipedia page List of multiple discoveries has been updated by adding ALD in the list of multiple discoveries in the 20th century. With this addition, the VPHA Publication Plan Item 11 "Updating wikipedia" is completed.

The update consists of the addition of the following text:

The three references mentioned are the three reviews/essays generated in the Virtual Project on the History of ALD:

  • Ahvenniemi, Esko; Akbashev, Andrew R.; Ali, Saima; Bechelany, Mikhael; Berdova, Maria; Boyadjiev, Stefan; Cameron, David C.; Chen, Rong; Chubarov, Mikhail (2016-12-16). "Review Article: Recommended reading list of early publications on atomic layer deposition—Outcome of the "Virtual Project on the History of ALD"". Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films. 35 (1): 010801. doi:10.1116/1.4971389. ISSN 0734-2101.

  • Puurunen, Riikka L. (2014-12-01). "A Short History of Atomic Layer Deposition: Tuomo Suntola's Atomic Layer Epitaxy". Chemical Vapor Deposition. 20 (10-11-12): 332–344. doi:10.1002/cvde.201402012. ISSN 1521-3862.

  • Malygin, Anatolii A.; Drozd, Victor E.; Malkov, Anatolii A.; Smirnov, Vladimir M. (2015-12-01). "From V. B. Aleskovskii's "Framework" Hypothesis to the Method of Molecular Layering/Atomic Layer Deposition". Chemical Vapor Deposition. 21 (10-11-12): 216–240.

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